Rylan’s Fifth Birthday | Greater Philadelphia Photographer

There is nothing like a bright sunny day after a ginormous snow blizzard. Everything is made a little crisper, a little more brilliant, and there is this quality of purity in the air that only exists when things are just waking up from a hibernation. It’s definitely a lovely day to be out and about (within reason :)) and especially to celebrate a birthday! Rylan (who is turning five), and her pup sibling Grisley, and I go out for some snow fun/fight in the lovely (though still chilly) sun. Here are some snapshots that capture our morning:


Grisley loves the snow. He loves it and treats it like water ice, and never forgets to save some for later.

Rylan’s hands are cold, so I give her my fingerless gloves. I think they are a good fit, don’t you?

Poor Grisley might have lost out in the snowball fight.

But they are still good friends.


This sums up what happens when you ask this cookie to smile.

If you’re lucky to snap one, though, she’s quite a young lady.

If you’re not so lucky, well, it’s still worth it for these shots that are so telling of her vivacious personality!

If this were a movie scene, this, below, would be the 80th take.

I think I finally got it down…

…for both of them 🙂