Married: Indira & Brent | Philadelphia

They met through college friends and “started ‘talking’ as the kids say” in Summer 2012.

Christmas 2012, he surprised her by taking her ice skating at Penn’s Landing. She wasn’t prepared. Neither did she know how to ice skate. She fell down a few times, but she made it work. And he fell for her.

On New Year’s Eve 2012, she invited him to go out with all of her girl friends. The girls dressed in sequin glitter party dresses. He rocked his khakis and sweater vest over his Oxford. He fit right in, well…maybe not…, but he won her heart.

Then after a snowstorm in March 2014, he took her on a walk in the snow on Forbidden Drive in Chestnut Hill. Under the red covered bridge, he proposed. He will never “let [her] live this down,” but her first words were “what the heck?”

They tied the knot on November 14th, 2015. The next day, they gave me the absolutely unique opportunity to photograph them in their beloved city – Philadelphia. So here goes.

Me (M): Why Philly as a place close to your hearts?

Indira (I): I was born in the city and will always consider it my home, even if we live in the suburbs now! We had such great dates here, falling in love while ice skating, biking through town, and meeting up for midweek lunches when we could. It also seemed like a nice contrast to our suburban ceremony at Villanova.

M: Any fun story or experience you had together in Philly?

I: We have gone to the Christmas village at Love Park every year together, and it was fun seeing workers setting it up during our shoot. One of our early dates, we set out to bike Kelly Drive and kept getting lost around the Art Museum. At one point we were on a bridge above the bike path where we needed to be! Whenever we wind up around there, I always laugh at our poor navigation skills. (FYI – Indira and Brent were my navigation experts when we were driving around Philly for our photo shoot. I think I might have been laughed at)

M: What was the most memorable date you have had?

I: We have had a lot! One that stands out – I dragged Brent into the Broad Street Run this past May. He was sure we wouldn’t win the lottery and then bam we were registered. We did NOT train properly so our only goal was to finish. Brent was such a good sport. We actually made great time until about City Hall! Around mile 7 he totally wrecked his knee so the last few were a slow trot. But we ran through the finish line together in exactly 2 hours. (Next year we are totally training)

Brent (B): Our most memorable date was going to Niagara Falls for the weekend. On Friday night, Indira suggested going some place because it was her last free weekend before finals. We finally settled on driving to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and left at 7am the next day, came home Sunday afternoon. It was a whirlwind but we sure had fun.

M: What was the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?

I: How much DIY is too much DIY

B: Our first dance song (but I liked our final choice)

M: What about the most fun detail?

I: Totally the photos and I’m not just saying that! We feel so lucky that we got to get so many awesome shots- at Nova, at our reception venue, and in the city where I was born and will always call home.

B: The food! Especially the desserts! Tasting it all!

M: What was the most unique detail at your wedding ceremony/reception?

I: Our PA themed favors. We’ve seen a few weddings that have pretzels and Tastykakes, but in tribute to Brent’s hometown, we also included Hershey bars and Middleswarth chips (a central PA favorite).

B: Our place cards were vintage-style post cards from major US cities and national parks. We tried really hard to match guests with cities that have some meaning to them! Also our string trio was actually the group I play with! It was really supposed to be a quartet but obviously I was missing.

M: What moment of your wedding day were you most anticipating?

I: Walking out of church together, and seeing all of our family and friends together.

B: Watching Indira walk down the aisle.

*Special thanks to my assistant photographer – Lauren Vuocolo – who took excellent shots

and made the day even more fun!*