Mary and Eric | Philadelphia Museum of Art Spring Engagement

Featured on Philly in Love

Mary and Eric are one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met. They are truly a Philly couple.. As a fun fact, besides loving all the sports team, they travel to Phillies spring training in Clearwater every year (8th year for Mary and 2nd year for Eric). Eric proposed in front of the Rittenhouse Square Christmas tree last year and they will be getting married next Christmas season. From Eric about Mary’s reaction after he proposed: “Mary’s reaction was joy and crying and I just remember wanting to hug her and kiss her right after and fumbling.  But I will never forget the smile on her face as long as I live.”

Philly is a place close to their hearts. Mary loves to travel, and she’s slowly convincing Eric to as well, but no matter where she goes, Philadelphia is always their home base: “It’s always where I will come back too. I think you just have to be from the Philadelphia area to get it. It’s got everything a mecca city has to offer you’d want but also feels small enough to be manageable. We’ll never get bored of it. So many people come to Philadelphia and never leave. It’s where many generations of both our families have always been. My great great grandfather put a lot of the steeples on the churches. My pop met my mom-mom when she got in his cab in South Philly. My gram and grandpa met at Temple in the 1940s. When I look at Philadelphia, I see my family past, my present, and my future. It’s where my heart will always be.”