Bold and Romantic Wedding Inspiration Editorial


As seen on Dear Gray Magazine


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Inspired by a deep color palette, this editorial presents a moody and enchanting atmosphere, dappled with little esoteric treasures and details that enrich the space while also complimenting the lush texture of the foliage. Deep purple, dark charcoal gray and navy blue are tones that weave throughout the editorial, adorned by a majestic gold that adds shapes and dimensions to the shoot. The tender texture of the gowns along with the unruly arranged florals bring in that romantic feel for a dark and bold yet graceful and airy wedding inspiration.

As a photographer, my focus revolved around the various dimensions of the details; aspects that give the viewer a sense of the texture of the elements, the ambiance of the venue, a glimpse of the “bride’s” character, as well as how I saw the different components of the shoot relate to one another.

As I moved around the room, individual elements took turn to become the emphasis of the space, so that the viewer can appreciate the beauty in each detail’s simplicity and so that, by the end of this visual cruise, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” because of the appreciation for both the harmony of the details and the delicacy of each and every one of them.