A little Bit About

Emcee Studio

Hi, I’m Minh, and welcome to Emcee Studio!

I started down the path of photography a few years ago through casual experiments with outdoor scenes around my university. Having just purchased a new SLR camera, the whole Villanova campus was my oyster. I took pictures of everything in sight and only then realized how much I had missed after over a year of living on campus. The camera opened my eyes to the seemingly mundane things around me that can be so beautifully delightful, but so easily overlooked. It was then that I became fascinated by and attached to the art of producing and crafting photos.

I think of photographs as fibers that weave together the fabric of your memories, storytelling instruments that narrate different chapters of your experience and little trinkets that embody the highlights of your life journey. As a photographer, I would absolutely love to help you gather these keepsakes through my lens.

For my photographs, I love colors that are bright but placid, tones that deliver a statement while preserving their subtlety. I search for a light source that illuminates and compliments the complexion of my photographs. I also play with the camera’s angle – sometimes a simple turn of the camera can transcend an otherwise uneventful perspective.

I like to capture the intangible cues of relationships because I think they speak volumes to human connections. I also seek visual hints of personalities. I think you’re the most beautiful and enchanting when you are completely and unreservedly yourself.

I am a tropical creature because, did I mention, I come from Vietnam. I like the Summer, the lush green that accompanies it, and the radiant colors that the Sun brings before my lens.